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Issues Occur in Windows 7

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Microsoft has developed an operating system on July 22, 2009, known as Windows 7 and it becomes generally available on October 22, 2009. Less than 3 years after the release of this operating system it’s processor Windows Vista Windows 7′s server counterpart and that time windows server 2008 R2 was released. Windows 7 is available in six different editions, of which Home Premium.

Windows 7 is built by the innovation of Vista Operating System. Here are some o the most common problem in Windows 7 and how to fix them. Our Windows 7 Customer Care Helpline has resolved these problems.

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1. Hang Windows 7 when shutdown:-

When your system slows responding at shutdown time or freezes entirely, then the issue may have occurred. It does not the response you any details about the shutdown process. Sometimes it takes minimum 4 to 10 minutes when your shutdown. Here is Windows 7 Customer Service go through the various solution I tried and hopefully one will work for you.

  •  Reinstall Network Drivers.
  •  Remove Hardware & Devices.
  •  Hard Drive Errors.
  •  Uninstall Keyword

2. Startup and Shutdown slowly in Windows 7:-

When your system slow respond at Shutting down and Startup, but users sometimes find that the shutdown screen waiting for several minutes. If you are facing these issue then, our Windows 7 Customer Support team is providing some steps that you can resolve yourself.

  •  Run disk clean on your system.
  •  Adjust your BIOS.
  •  Disable windows services.
  •  Change your boot menu’s timeout values.
  •  Solid state drive install.

3. In Windows 7 Blue screen of death BSOD Restarts too fast:-

When you are facing a problem i.e. Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) error on computer, then you can adjust by self through this instruction.

  •  First, you opening the Start Menu and navigating to the Control Panel. Next, select the System listing within control panel to navigate to the System pane.
  •  Select the option Advanced System setting, locating along the left side of the window.
  •  And then, select the Setting button listed under the Startup and Recovery, the advanced tab of System Properties.   This will launch the startup and Recovery panel, where you should uncheck the option Automatically restart and click the OK button to apply.

Usually, In Windows 7 problem of Not Responding occurs. So Windows 7 Customer Service helps the user to fix their issues. It provides complete troubleshooting techniques so that you can fix your issue yourself. For more information contact our customer support team or visit our homepage. Our Customer Support available in 24*7 anywhere and anytime.

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